What is Sedation Dentistry and is it right for me?

Sedation dentistry may help you if you avoid the dentist due to dental anxiety or dental phobia. Dental phobia leading to treatment avoidance is incredibly common, and it’s a worldwide problem. Dentists specially trained in conscious sedation can help return patients who struggle with dental phobia to oral health. If you’ve stayed away from the dentist so long that you know you need extensive treatment, but you can’t bring yourself to make the appointment, sedation dentistry may be for you.

Dr. David Penwell, a dentist with First Choice Dental who specializes in conscious sedation dentistry, says, “Conscious sedation dentistry uses oral sedatives to help patients be relaxed and have a low memory of the dental procedure. This method is tested and sound. For a patient struggling with dental phobia, the idea of being able to have years of dental treatment performed in a single visit with a low memory of the procedure is an amazing concept.”

Often times, anxiety-ridden patients stay away from needed care because they are unaware of the sedation dentistry options that exist to help them get the care they need without fear, without pain and without anxiety. Thankfully, several of those options exist among the sedation dentists in Madison at First Choice Dental Group.

Dr. Bill Graf, another First Choice Dental dentist who specializes in Conscious Sedation Dentistry says, “It starts with a free sedation consultation. Anyone who's interested can request a free sedation consultation online 24/7, anytime. This is simply an opportunity to meet the dentist who is trained in sedation dentistry, discuss treatment options and learn about sedation. Patients find this no-risk, no-charge sedation consultation puts them right at ease.”

Our sedation dentists have been known to change lives.
Dr. Penwell recalls a patient who had stayed away from the dentist for more than a decade and needed an extensive amount of work done, “When he first came to see us, he had a full beard to help hide a smile he didn’t feel good about. After getting the treatment he needed with the help of conscious sedation, this patient came in smiling and was clean-shaven. It clearly made a difference in his life.”

How does the sedation dentistry process work?
Our sedation dentists in Madison are specially trained to administer a small dose of oral medication that will help you relax and even sleep throughout your dental appointment, with little or no memory of the procedure. You’ll take one small pill the evening before your procedure. And you’ll take another pill the morning of your procedure. During the procedure, depending on length of appointment and your sedation needs, the sedation dentist may put a small amount of crushed oral medication underneath your tongue for easy absorption, to maintain your relaxed state while work is completed. Throughout the procedure, you’ll remain awake but relaxed, able to answer questions and respond to directions from the dentist. However, when the procedure is over, you’ll have your oral health restored but will have low or in some cases no memory of the procedure.

Is sedation dentistry right for me?
Have you avoid the dentist for an extensive period of time even though you know you need treatment? Do you often cancel appointments out of fear or anxiety? Has anyone ever told you that you appear to act differently when you’re at the dentist, or considering a dental visit? Do you need dental treatment, but dread the thought of getting it done? If so, sedation dentistry may be for you.

If you simply want to explore the possibility of sedation dental services, you can with no risk for you. First Choice Dental offers sedation dentistry consultations at no charge. Schedule your no-charge sedation consultation to talk with our sedation dentists.

Three Simple Steps for Sedation Dentistry
Once our sedation dentists in Madison determine that you are a candidate for sedation dentistry, here are three easy steps involved:

  1. You and your sedation dentist will outline your plan for dental treatment and schedule your treatment.
  2. Your sedation dentist will prescribe for you and give you two pills--one to take at night before your appointment, and the other to take the morning of your dental appointment.
  3. You will arrive for your dental appointment having taken the two pills and ready for an anxiety-free appointment where you can get the dental care you need.

Ask your dentist or dental hygienist about sedation dentistry or schedule a free consultation to learn more.