How We're Different

With 11 state-of-the-art, just-up-the-street clinics, First Choice Dental is your friendly, neighborhood dentist—no matter where you live in Dane County.

But our convenient locations are just the start of what sets us apart. From making sure you’re as comfortable as possible to demystifying your insurance coverage and helping you create a You First Care Plan that respects your priorities, First Choice Dental makes your whole dental experience better.

Select the patient-first solutions you’re looking for—and see why First Choice Dental has going to the dentist solved.

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11 Locations

Close and convenient, no matter where you’re located.

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All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Swipe, sign, and get back to your busy day.

Appointments Starting at 7AM

Get a healthier smile before your workday begins.

Coverage Check signature solution

Insurance too complicated? Call one of our locations to let us help untangle it.

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Free Blood Pressure Screenings

We can help you keep tabs on your blood pressure.

Free Oral Cancer Screenings

Receive an oral cancer screening each year—on us.

Health Savings Cards Accepted

Want to pay with your HSA? You bet.

In-Network Benefits

We don’t just accept most insurance providers; we’re in-network with 13 of the largest—including Delta Dental.

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Madison’s Best Orthodontic Care

Our gentle approach has earned us a top spot year after year.

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Massage Chairs

Settle in to be soothed.

MyChair Choices signature solution

Select soothing amenities, such as music, massage, and more.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Don’t want to hear the drilling? No problem.

Numbing During Cleanings

Let the sensations of a routine cleaning fade away.

One-Visit Crowns

No time for a follow-up appointment? No problem.

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Online Bill Payment

No need to dig out your checkbook and stamps. You can settle up online.

Painless Cavity Scans

High-tech cavity detection finds hidden problems quickly, painlessly, and early.

Perfection Pledge signature solution

We guarantee a perfect fit or fix for 2 years or more on most dental procedures.

Sedation Dentistry

Receive relief from dental anxiety.

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Smart Choice Savings

A discount plan built for you.

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Snap Appointments signature solution

Finally, appointments that start and stay on time.

Specialists on Staff

In-house dental specialists connect you to the care you need.


Wear shades during your appointment.

Unlimited Breaks

Need a rest? Just raise a hand.

Wide Windows

Natural light makes every exam room feel open, airy and comfortable.

YouFirst Care Plans signature solution

Treatment planning that respects your health, priorities, and budget.

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