What is MI Paste and how can it benefit my teeth?

What are the benefits of using MI Paste?
Photo of MI Paste TubesMany Madison dentists recommend Minimal Intervention (MI) Paste as a non-surgical treatment for a number of dental symptoms. Dr. Rob Bradley, a dentist at First Choice Dental, says, “We’ve found MI Paste to be effective in helping patients with teeth sensitivity, acid erosion or those patients who have a high incidence of dental decay. In addition, I’ve experienced some success using MI Paste to help patients who have white spots or other minor tooth discoloration which is caused by lack of calcium. MI Paste can be an effective part of a non-surgical procedure to diminish the appearance of these white spots.”

Can MI Paste really help diminish white spots on teeth?
The image above is before MI Paste use. Notice the white spots near the gumline on the top teeth. These images come from www.mi-paste.com. Dr. Bradley has seen similar results with First Choice Dental’s own patients. To help break down the outer layer of weak enamel, the dentist will acid-etch the teeth, and then polish them lightly with pumice. Then the dentist applies MI paste, a white calcium phosphate cream made from dairy proteins, to the teeth for five full minutes. The patient will also apply the paste to their teeth every night after brushing. The dentist will repeat this whole process for 3-4 visits, over a period of up to two months. The image below is after MI Paste use.

What is MI paste?
MI Paste is a water-based, sugar-free cream that comes in a tube like toothpaste. When applied directly to your teeth, it can help condition, protect and rebuild your teeth’s surface. MI Paste uses calcium and phosphate to replenish these minerals in your teeth and strengthen them.

MI Paste is unique in that is it the only product for professional use that contains the active ingredient RECALDENT™, a special milk derived phosphopeptide that binds calcium and phosphate to tooth surfaces.

MI Paste restores the oral mineral imbalances that cause demineralization by replacing minerals while improving saliva flow and fluoride absorption, as well as soothing sensitive surfaces.

What dental conditions can MI Paste help remedy?

  • Dentists and patients have found success using MI Paste to treat or as part of treatment for:
  • Alleviating dry mouth caused by certain medications and medical treatments
  • Reducing high oral acid levels from excessive soft-drink consumption, although the best treatment is to avoid consumption of soft drinks
  • Helping with tooth sensitivity before or after professional cleaning
  • Helping pregnant women who may have high oral acid levels associated with pregnancy
  • Buffering acids produced by oral bacteria and plaque
  • Preventing white spot lesions that can occur during orthodontic treatment
  • Providing a topical coating to ease suffering from acid erosion, caries and conditions arising from dry mouth, often medication-induced

How does MI Paste work?
Dr. Bradley explains it this way, “You may not realize it, but your mouth likes balance. Think of a scale. In its normal, healthy state, when you’re not eating or drinking, your mouth’s pH is nearly neutral, similar to that of water. It’s balanced. Every time you eat or drink, acid is introduced into your mouth and your pH level becomes more acidic, or imbalanced from a pH standpoint. This is why your dentist advises against all-day snacking or soda drinking.” Bradley goes on to explain that other things like plaque and tartar buildup, certain medications or illness can add acid to your mouth’s pH level. When your mouth’s pH is acidic, plaque and tartar buildup, and ultimately tooth decay happen. Your saliva is your body’s natural oral defense system. It protects teeth and soft tissues, flushes bacteria and food away from the teeth and reduces enamel abrasion. Its buffering ability helps neutralize acids to restore normal pH levels and can replenishes the calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions that are so important for remineralizing your teeth’s enamel.

Says Bradley, “Basically, MI Paste helps boost your saliva’s ability to neutralize acid and restore normal pH levels, and contains the minerals and product RECALDENT™ that can bolster remineralization.”

How do I use MI Paste?
MI Paste™ is very easy to apply. After brushing with fluoride toothpaste, use a small bit of paste in custom-made trays your dentist provides for you, like teeth whitening trays, and leave undisturbed for three minutes. Or simply take a small pea-sized dab of paste on your finger or a cotton swab and rub the paste over your teeth’s surface. Do not rinse for three minutes, so the paste can absorb into the surface.

MI Paste is available at your dentist’s office along with other professional-quality dental health products. To learn more, ask your dentist whether MI Paste would help your oral health given your unique situation and health history. See all Locations or go online to request an appointment.