Smile Makeover Photos You Will Not Believe

If you’ve wanted to change your smile and have considered cosmetic dentistry, read Christine’s story and view her before/after photos.

It just may be enough to make you want to schedule your free cosmetic dentistry consultation today! Christine is a patient with Dr. Rob Bradley at our Junction Road office in west Madison. She shared her Smile Makeover with us and let us take photos of her cosmetic dentistry transformation.

General and cosmetic dentist Dr. Rob Bradley is as excited by Christine’s results as she is. “There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a patient look in the mirror and for the first time, truly love the smile looking back at them. Nothing motivates me more than knowing we’ve changed someone’s life for the better, and they’ll never look at themselves the same way again.”

Reasons for considering Cosmetic Dentistry
We asked Christine what made her consider cosmetic dentistry. She says, “For the past five or 10 years I’d been thinking about doing this for myself. I wasn’t happy with my smile. During my teens and twenties I’d struggled with health issues that caused acid reflux and tooth enamel erosion. These issues caused extreme teeth sensitivity and damaged my smile. When I got into my 30s I decided I was going to eventually correct it, but I had other dental issues I needed to take care of first. All the while, my smile really affected my life. I was always holding back when I smiled.”

cosmetic dentistry before and after closeupDr. Rob Bradley says Christine’s story is very common. “For years, Christine had lived with a smile she didn’t like, and it really affected her life, her career and certainly her self-confidence. Finally, she was ready to do something for herself that would change her confidence, her health and her quality of life. Typically, once we help patients achieve the smile they’ve always wanted, the most common comment is, ‘Why didn’t I do this years ago’?”

Smile Makeover First Steps
To get started, Christine scheduled an appointment for a free cosmetic consultation. “I knew Dr. Bradley, because he’s my brother’s doctor and then I found out Dr. Bradley is the only dentist in Wisconsin who does Lumineers. I wanted to see if that was an option for me. He was great,” she said. “He looked at my teeth, asked me questions about what I wanted to change about my smile and offered a number of options. We looked at Lumineers to see if that was an option, but since  I needed more extensive reshaping of my teeth and also wanted to decrease teeth sensitivity, Lumineers were not the right option. Dr. Bradley said cosmetic dental crowns were the best option for me.”

Dr. Bradley and the team made recommendations based on Christine’s goals and budget and offered her an affordable solution that was perfect for her. She says, “After my consultation, I was ready to go. I decided to give myself back the same smile and confidence I used to have. After years of thinking about doing something about my smile, I decided that for my 40th birthday I was going to do something for myself. I was tired of putting it off, and I’d come to the decision that I was worth it.” Christine said that from start to finish, the process took about five weeks.

Dr. Bradley says, “Patients are typically surprised at how accessible solutions are for them, and how quickly they can achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. Cosmetic dentistry technology and techniques are better than ever before, so we can offer dramatic results affordably and quickly for our patients.”

Christine said that for her, the first step in the cosmetic dentistry process was teeth whitening. “Once I decided to move forward, I had teeth whitening done to make sure the crowns would match the shade of my teeth at their whitest and best. First Choice Dental sent me home with a take-home whitening kit, which was very comfortable and easy to do.”

Then came shade matching. “Dr. Bradley wanted to make sure it would be just perfect,” Christine says.

The dental team then took impressions, created temporary crowns and prepared Christine’s teeth for temporary crowns. Christine had her second and final appointment a couple of weeks later, when she got her permanent cosmetic dental crowns. That appointment was not only painless and quick, but also fun.

Christine says. “Everyone in the office was so excited for me! It was like a celebration. Everyone really seems to enjoy working at First Choice Dental and working with patients. They encouraged me the whole way through.”

Dramatic Results from Cosmetic Dentistry Thrilled Our Patient and Her Family
Christine was thrilled with the results. “As much as I wanted to improve the look of my smile, teeth sensitivity was also something that I’d really struggled with,” Christine said. “Now I have absolutely none of that when eating or drinking. To me, that makes the biggest difference in my quality of life.”

She beams when she talks about the reactions she’s gotten to how she looks. “People’s reactions were really awesome and interesting. No one could exactly put their finger on what the difference was but everyone’s asking me, ‘Have you lost weight? Have you changed your hair color? You look great!’ I’m in customer service and my confidence and my smile greatly affects how I’m able to interact with customers. It changed my general attitude and approach with others and it’s actually resulted in not only great reactions, but even an increase in my tips!”

Christine is a waitress and also works with pre-K students She says that parents had always commented on how warm and loving she was, and how much they loved her smile, but now she smiles more and the response has been fantastic.

“I’ve noticed an actual numeric increase in my tips because I’m smiling more throughout the day. I really believe you can reap benefits beyond compliments with the work that Dr. Bradley does.”

She says close friends and family who know exactly what she had done are shocked and thrilled with how natural her smile looked. “With the temporary crowns, my family and close friends noticed a difference, and were really encouraging. But once they saw the final crowns, they were shocked at how natural they looked. Dr. Bradley took so much time to make it perfect, so they really just have a natural look. I keep forgetting  that they’re not my natural teeth!”

Now, Christine’s a true believer and a cosmetic dentistry advocate to others. “You reach a time in your life when you realize certain things are worth the investment. Increased confidence, no sensitivity. It was time for me to do something for myself. And First Choice Dental helped make it such an affordable investment that’s so worth it.”

Christine says that at a recent family gathering, people kept coming up to her and saying, “You look great, have you lost weight, what have you done?” Her closest family and friends have mainly said they enjoy seeing her smile more. “They’re so happy to see me not be ashamed of my smile anymore. This whole thing was so affordable and so life changing! I wish I would have done it five or 10 years ago.”

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