Hope and Hula in Pursuit of a Cure for Epilepsy

Aloha! We’re taking a break this week from the latest breaking news on teeth and gums, to share a story that simply makes us smile. Fear not, in our next blog post we’ll be back with everything you need to know about plaque, flossing and teeth whitening technology.

Get Your Hula on at Lily’s Luau 2015
Where will you find your dentist on the night of a Saturday, January 24? At Lily’s Luau, of course! This Saturday night, hundreds of people throughout Madison will don their grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and coconut bras (yes you read that right) at Lily’s Luau at Union South. The cause is raising money in pursuit of a cure for epilepsy, a disease that impacts 1 in 26 individuals throughout the world — including Madison, WI.

Epilepsy Fundraising Lily's LuauDentists, hygienists, dental assistants and others from First Choice Dental will be among luau attendees enjoying coconut shrimp, delicious refreshments, bidding on amazing silent auction items, and dancing the night away for a great cause. Learn more about Lily’s Fund, and consider attending this year’s luau. You can register here.

There are no long faces at the luau. The atmosphere is one of hope and determination. In the seven years that Lily’s Luau has been taking place, the 100% volunteer-run organization has achieved amazing progress toward finding a cure for this awful disease. Even better, this progress has been made right here in Wisconsin, at our own University of Madison.

Last year’s luau, attended by 700 Madisonians, raised more than $100K toward curing epilepsy — all in one single night! UW Neuroscience Researchers, funded by money raised at Lily’s Luau, are hard at work throughout the year in pursuit of a cure for epilepsy, and they’re making progress!

Lily's Fund Team Epilepsy Research FundingEach March, in honor of epilepsy awareness, Purple Day enables families, neighbors, companies, schools and organizations everywhere to “get their purple on.” This awareness-raising effort is an opportunity to engage with the entire community in learning about epilepsy, hearing about the latest findings from the UW research crew, as well as honoring those impacted & furthering the pursuit of a cure.

Each summer, Lily’s Lemonade Stands are run by advocates of all ages in a quest to quench the thirst of Madison residents. These lemonade stands are another grassroots effort to help more people get involved in the cure for epilepsy. Entrepreneurs ages 5 to 50, and beyond, can open up shop to raise money to help find a cure.

Epilepsy Fundraising Lemonade StandThroughout the year, Friends of Lily’s Fund provides a community of hope, support, love — and even laughter — during times of trial for those living with epilepsy and their families. It’s often been said that the best advice you can give is, “me, too.” For families dealing with multiple daily seizures, medication challenges and uncertainty about the future, this group helps maintain a collective spirit of hope and determination.

Why A Bunch of Dentists Gets Involved Supporting the Pursuit for a Cure for Epilepsy
1 in 26 individuals will be impacted by epilepsy in their lifetime. This disease is more common, and far less funded than other diseases you hear a lot more about, like Alzheimer’s, autism and Parkinson’s. Our community is affected. Our patients are affected. Our own families are affected. These are excellent reasons to step up and get involved.

We sponsor Lily’s Luau and the folks at Lily’s Fund because we believe in the great work they’re doing right here in our own backyard. You can’t argue with the impact the group has had on the Madison community, and we believe that one day — right here in Madison — the brilliant folks at the UW will indeed cure epilepsy. We want to be a part of that hope and that future.

Not only is Lily’s Fund 100% local, it’s also 100% volunteer run. That means 100% of the money raised goes straight to finding a cure. Sounds like money well spent to us!

We also sponsor Lily’s Fund because their team makes us smile. We are so very proud of and inspired by their spirit, determination and incredible sense of humor, as well as their intelligence and humbleness. They work tirelessly all year long in support of an incredibly smile-worthy cause.

Get more information on Lily’s Fund and Lily's Luau. Please take a minute to learn more, and consider how you and your organization can help make a positive impact on 1 in 26 lives.

So, let’s get ready for a night to remember! We’ll dance, mingle, hula and move closer to the day when no luau is needed anymore because Lily’s Fund, and their Madison supporters, have achieved their goal of NO MORE EPILEPSY.

Keep calm and hula on, Madison. Mahalo and aloha!