Tips for a More Kissable Smile

Could your breath wilt a flower? Do you shy away from your sweetie when you smile? Here are some simple tips you can follow to have a healthier, more kissable smile by Valentine's Day.

Fight Bad Breath

  1. Keep it clean! Bad breath odor is caused by decaying food particles and bacteria in your mouth. Follow simple good oral hygiene habits and brush twice daily to remove food and bacteria. Also:
  2. Don't let your tongue be a dirty carpet! Your tongue is like a shaggy carpet that traps small particles and food - brush it regularly to keep it clean too.
  3. Don't forget to floss. Brushing without flossing is like washing only one side of the dishes. When you don't floss, you leave behind odor and decay causing food particles and bacteria.
  4. Drink water. It washes away food particles and bacteria to help eliminate odor. Also, there are actually antiseptics and enzymes in your saliva that kill bacteria and rinse out your mouth.
  5. Chew Gum. Sugarless gum can help promote saliva production to help rinse your mouth and freshen your breath. A gum sweetened with Xylitol is your best option - it is a sugar substitute that increases salivation and works to prevent bacteria from building up in the mouth.

Date Night Foods to Avoid
If you want to have a fresh, kissable smile, we are what we eat when it comes to our breath. If you are planning a romantic Valentine's meal, consider avoiding garlic, onions, and peppers. When the food is released into the bloodstream, the lungs actually expel the odor. It's also better to avoid soft cheeses and spicy meats. If you do consume these, a mouth wash or breath mint will temporarily mask the odor, but will not get rid of it.

Keep your Lips Moist
Apply lip balm frequently to keep your lips soft. The best choices are Nivea, Burts Bees, or Soft Lips.

Avoid Smoking
Tar and nicotine build up can cause bad breath and dry mouth.

Look Your Best With A Great-Looking Smile
If you are self-conscious of the appearance of your smile, consider using a teeth-whitening product not only to help you make your smile look better, but to give you the self-confidence you need to feel your most kissable, lovable self!

Sweets for Your Sweetie
Dentists know that everyone likes chocolate on Valentine's Day! Do your sweetie a favor and stick to milk or dark chocolates that easily dissolve in the mouth. Sticky candies, such as chocolates filled with caramel or nougat, will stick to the teeth and promote the occurrence of decay-causing bacteria.

Good oral hygiene habits shouldn't be reserved for special occasions; by practicing them year-round, you can always be your healthiest, most kissable self. If you have persistent bad breath that does not go away by following these basic steps, see your dentist to rule out odor-causing decay or other dental health issues. For more information, visit