Empowering Hygienists with Collaboration & Clear Expectations

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Every hygienist starts their career knowing the practice they’re joining expects them to nail the basics. To follow infection control protocols, to be a team player, and to deliver quality patient care. But at First Choice Dental, the basics are just the beginning. Every day, our doctors, hygienists and staffers dedicate themselves to delivering health care that exceeds our client’s expectations. It’s a high standard we reach by setting clear expectations for ourselves.

It means our talented hygienists always know how to complete the necessary tasks that fill their busy days, and how to help their team achieve daily and long-term goals. Clear expectations ensure everyone is practicing hygiene at the same consistently high level—helping our people adhere to protocols for exams, x-rays, oral cancer screenings, prevention methods and periodontal diagnosis, while staying flexible enough to meet our patients’ unique healthcare needs.

But well-defined expectations are just half of our recipe for success; we also rely on a strong spirit of collaboration. After all, the best patient care comes from teams that work as a cohesive unit, no matter the situation. At First Choice Dental, hygienists work side-by-side with doctors to care for patients’ health, and are encouraged to communicate their observations and recommendations, so that the entire care team is on the same page.

This truly team approach between First Choice Dental doctors and hygienists, grounded in clear expectations, communication and mutual respect, creates an environment where everyone can learn, grow, and succeed. It’s how First Choice Dental is empowering hygienists to reach their full potential and provide patients with the exceptional care they deserve.