Save hundreds of dollars this holiday season? Visit your dentist before December 31.

No, it's not some special promotion. It's simply a tip from your Madison dentist to be smart with your money by taking full advantage of your dental insurance benefits before the end of the year.

Every single year, thousands of individuals leave money on the table by not using their full dental insurance benefits before December 31. While the average annual maximum dental benefit is $1000, the average dental patient spends several hundred dollars less than that in any given year.

That means that simply by scheduling the dental appointments you need with your Madison dentist before the end of your dental benefit year, you just might save several hundred dollars this holiday season. And your smile will thank you!

No one should get dental treatment they don’t need. Your Madison dentist in any of our nine First Choice Dental offices would never recommend treatment that’s not needed. But we often see patients who have treatment that is needed, who let the year run out before getting that treatment scheduled. Many of these individuals have dental benefits waiting to be used. Call now to see what your next treatment step is and make sure you take full advantage of the dental benefits that are yours to use.

Why Patients Miss Out on Dental Insurance Benefits Every Year
Based on our experience as Madison dentists, there are several reasons why patients miss out on money-saving dental benefits each year. First, they get busy and don’t schedule needed appointments before the year runs out. We help with email and text appointment reminders. One thing our patients find helpful is to schedule their next appointment before they leave the office.

A second reason for missing out on dental benefits is that to you, it seems you were just here! We’ve all been there, even those of us who work in dental offices! It seems like you were just here a few months ago, when really it’s been more than a year, even two or more. We’re always happy to take your phone call or email to let you know when your last appointment was and when you’re due for your next visit. Just give us a ring or pop us an email.

A third reason patients miss out on dental benefits is avoidance or fear of the dentist. You may know exactly what your next treatment step is. But you just can’t make yourself make or keep that appointment. This is really common and totally understandable. Our goal is to help you get the gentle, comfortable care you need. So we offer services like Sedation Dentistry that helps patients with dental fear get the care they need, and Laser Dentistry for no-drill, no-shot appointments. A trip to the dentist is nothing like it used to be when you were a child. Comfort-conscious technologies have made it easy and painless to get the dental care you need.

Use What You Need to Make the Most of Your Annual Maximum Dental Benefit and Plan Ahead
Visiting your dentist before the end of the year could help you not only take full advantage of this year’s annual maximum, but also to plan for next year’s dental health expenditures. Your Madison area dentist at First Choice Dental will discuss anticipated treatment for the coming year, which can help you plan for 2015 health savings account and flex expenses.

Most dental benefits run on a calendar year. Any unused benefit does NOT roll over. So leaving dental insurance benefits unused is leaving money on the table.

Saving Your Dental Health Means Saving Money Down the Road
Most dental health issues advance without pain until they’re advanced. Waiting until you experience dental pain can mean more invasive and more expensive treatment. Most dental health issues won’t get better if you simply ignore them. They will get worse. By delaying dental treatment, you are risking more extensive and expensive treatment down the road. What may be a simple cavity now, could turn into a root canal later.

Research continues to show a direct link between your dental health and your overall health. Regular dental checkups and getting the treatment your dentist recommends for you are keys to not only smile health, but overall health. And making the most of your dental benefits by scheduling before year end helps your wallet stay healthy, too.

Call your dentist and schedule an appointment to use those benefits.