5 Tips for Parents about Dentists for Kids in Madison

For parents wondering about great dental care for their children and great kids dentists in Madison, here some top tips to consider.

Tip #1: Your family dentist could be your best choice for a dentist for kids in Madison.
While some parents opt to have their child see a pediodontist, we've heard from patients that they appreciate taking their child to a dentist they already know and trust. Also, some parents have told us that their children find the busy, noisy environments of some pediodontists' offices to be over-stimulating. If your dentist loves seeing young children as much as we do at First Choice Dental, your best choice may be to have your kids dentist be your neighborhood dentist in Madison.

Tip #2: Choose care from a kids dentist they'll never outgrow.
Our patients have told us they decided to have their kids see our dentists in Madison from the very first tooth, through tots, teens and beyond, so that they wouldn't need to change providers after they'd established a trusting, caring relationship with a dentist for their kids here. Plus, with orthodontics and other specialties right down the hall, parents tell us that not only the relationship, but the convenience is something they really value. Most busy families don't have time to run all over town to different appointments with different providers for each member of the family.

Tip#3: Schedule the first appointment with your child's dentist when they get their first tooth.
While baby teeth don't hang around forever, it's still critically important to keep tiny teeth and gums in excellent health while they're saving the spots for grownup teeth.The American Dental Association recommends, and First Choice Dental agrees. Your child should be seen by a dentist for their first dental visit within six months of the eruption of their first tooth, before their first birthday. At your baby's first dental visit, your Madison Wi dentists at First Choice Dental can check on tiny developing teeth even before they poke through the gums. Your dentist can also answer your questions about nutrition, fluoride, bottle feeding, thumb sucking and how to clean those tiny little teeth.

Tip #4: Expect your child's first visit to be as beneficial for you as it is for your child.
Your child's first dentist appointment will probably be short and informal. This is a meet and greet for your child and the dentist. It is a wonderful opportunity for your child to have a wonderfully positive first experience at the dentist, and for you to learn how to care for your child's developing teeth and gums. Your First Choice Dental dentist will probably ask you to hold your child while the dentist examines their mouth. This helps your child to feel a sense of trust while they get used to being examined by the dentist. This way, you're also close by in case the dentist wants to show you something in your child's mouth. And you can point out anything to your dentist that you have a question about. Feel free to bring along questions you have for your child's dentist about teething, thumb sucking, nutrition, bottle feeding, fluoride and more.

Tip #5: Don't be afraid to call to ask questions, or email your child's dentist office even after the appointment.
Our dentists love kids, and they love answering your questions about your child's dental health during and after the visit. We want you to feel comfortable calling or emailing our office with any questions you think of later. Consider your kids dentist to be a key member of your child's health care team. We're here to help you get your child off to a great start with a healthy growing smile!

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