Sharp Instruments Give Our Hygienists an Edge

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The right tools can make or break a dental experience. But ask any dental hygienist if they enjoy sharpening instruments and the response will be a resounding “No!” And who can blame them? It’s a tedious job that most of us don’t have the time or expertise for.

Unfortunately, dull instruments are dangerous for patients and hygienists alike. They can cause patient discomfort, lengthen routine appointments. They can also interfere with effective technique and mobility, increasing the number, duration and pressure of a hygienist’s working strokes which can contribute to repetitive wrist injuries.

That’s why First Choice Dental hygienists don’t have to share their instruments. Each team member has his or her own set of tools, so that they can comfortably work with the instruments they know best. And it’s why we recently launched a “Hygiene Instrument Project” to examine, repair and maintain every instrument our staffers use. If a device needed to be replaced, a new one was ordered. If it needed to be honed, we sent it in for professional sharpening. We even instituted a proactive sharpening schedule to ensure all our instruments receive professional sharpening and outdated tools get promptly replaced.

We’re making sure every instrument in our clinics is in top condition. Because when our equipment is performing at its peak, our team can concentrate on what matters most: delivering the flawless patient care First Choice Dental hygienists are known for.