Emergency Care

When to Call Us

Patients often wonder whether their dental care need qualifies as a dental emergency. When in doubt, it’s best to call and get the attention you need, rather than waiting it out in pain. We have at least one dentist on call, even on holidays and weekends, so that we can attend to your dental emergencies. He or she can help you assess whether treatment is needed right away, and how you can address pain or discomfort until treatment can be provided.

Examples of Dental Emergencies

  • Any dental pain that keeps you awake or makes eating, drinking, or talking uncomfortable.
  • Broken teeth as a result of an accident or sport-related injury.
  • A tooth that's chipped to the point of causing pain or discomfort.
  • Disrupted or broken dental work that results in pain or discomfort that makes sleeping, eating, drinking, or getting through your day painful or uncomfortable.
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How to Contact Us

If you have a dental emergency and contact one of our 11 convenient locations after hours, you will be given the choice to leave a message or get in contact with our answering service. Please choose to be connected with the answering service. They will ask you a number of questions, then contact the on-call doctor. The doctor will call you to assess the problem and then together you can decide if you should be seen.

When in doubt, please call. You don't need to worry about "disturbing us.” As your on-call dental health care provider, we want to care for you in your time of need. The earlier treatment is sought, the more likely we can preserve and protect the affected tooth.