Smart Choice Discount Plan

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You don’t have to have dental insurance to afford quality health care. Smart Choice Savings helps you plan ahead for the care you need. It’s a practical alternative to the typical insurance plan—delivering great discounts on routine care and unplanned dental expenses for one low annual fee.

In addition to providing comfortable, quality dental care, we believe it is important to do it at an affordable price. That is why we are pleased to offer an alternative to dental insurance: the Smart Choice discount plan. While this plan is not traditional dental insurance, Smart Choice enables you to get the services you need, when you need them.

Summary of Discounts

Annual Costs

Individual $82
2 Members $102
Family $122


Description of Our

Most Common Services



Savings for

Plan Members

Comprehensive Exam NO CHARGE $106
Periodic Exam NO CHARGE $59
Full Mouth X-Rays $80 $88
Panoramic X-Rays NO CHARGE $140
Prophylaxis (Cleaning) Adult $70 $35
Prophylaxis (Cleaning) Child $50 $30
Filling - One Surface $155 $70
Crown - Porcelain $985 $475
Core Buildup, including any pins NO CHARGE $337
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