Dentist Approved Holiday Snacks for Kids and Adults

The holidays can wreak havoc on your diet and on your smile.

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Sugary snacks and an abundance of processed snack food can sabotage healthy smiles and waistlines. But can you set a holiday snack table that's festive and healthy? Your Madison dentist has provided some smile-friendly holiday snack ideas that make great after-school treats for kids and fabulous contributions to the holiday party table.

From “Grinch Kabobs” to snowman cheese sticks, you can keep the holidays festive, fun and healthy with these simple snacking ideas. Not only will they make you smile, but they are good for your smile - and your whole body too! The dental team at First Choice Dental suggests these simple treats. Surprise your family or make them together!

Pea Pod Christmas Trees

Assemble pea pods (4-5 per side) into Christmas trees, top with star shaped piece of cheese (use a small cookie cutter if needed), and place pretzel sticks (three) at base for trunk. Source:

Grinch Kabobs

Layer in this order on a small stick or long plastic toothpick:  mini-marshmallow, strawberry (top sliced off), banana slice, green grape and you get a Grinch Kabob!  Add a little bit of lemon juice to the banana to keep it from browning.  Source:

Snowman Cheese Sticks

Use individually wrapped string cheese. Take permanent markers and mark the body and face with eyes and charcoal buttons. Add a paper or foam hat with tape, orange paper for the carrot nose and a ribbon scarf.  Now you have a packable and easy to serve healthy snack!    Source:

Treat Your Smile to A Healthy Cup of Nuts

Eating a handful of nuts daily or weekly has proven health benefits.  To make this simple healthy snack all you need is nuts of your choice (almonds, peanuts, and pistachios) placed in holiday-themed paper muffin cups.  Easy and healthy to serve to guests or keep on hand for a healthy snack for you and your family.

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