Are Adult Fluoride Treatments Necessary

August 23, 2015

Every single day, your body takes in fluoride and loses fluoride. The way you take in fluoride is through foods you eat and water. The way you lose fluoride is through demineralization of your teeh when acids caused by plaque bacteria and sugars in your mouth attack tooth enamel. You can "put fluoride back" (as well as calcium and phosphate) into your tooth’s enamel layer by eating healthy foods and drinking fluoridated water. Another way to get more flouride is through fluoride treatments at your dentist's office. Read More

Keep Your Gums Healthy to Avoid Tooth Loss

August 19, 2015

The old adage goes, “You don’t have to take care of ALL your teeth…only the ones you want to keep.” You may also have heard, “Ignore your teeth, and they’ll go away.” Read More

Your Dental Hygiene Visit is More Than A Cleaning

August 1, 2015

Did you know that a dental cleaning is much more than plaque removal and a polish? In fact, a visit to your dental hygienist can play a large role in your overall health, as well as your dental wellness. Read More

How Do I Know if My Child Needs Braces

June 1, 2015

As a parent, we want to keep our kids happy and healthy, right? How Do I Know if My Child Needs Braces Read More

Childrens Dentistry to Maintain Kids Dental Health and Teaching Good Self Care

May 25, 2015

In addition to taking good care of our own teeth, as parents and caregivers we need to cultivate good habits in our children for their long-term dental health. Read More

Teeth Grinding Clenching and Bruxism

May 1, 2015

Do you grind your teeth? It may be affecting your health. Read More

Oral Cancer & HPV: A Doctor's Perspective

April 14, 2015

Thanks to Turville Bay physician Michelle Mackay for this guest blog post. Find more information here. Read More

Have you had your oral cancer screening this year?

April 1, 2015

April is oral cancer awareness month, and your local First Choice dentist is ready to provide your oral cancer screening — free of charge! Read More

It Is Never Too Late to Make Your Teeth Straight with Braces for Adults

March 13, 2015

Braces aren’t just for kids and teens. Whether you’re an adult who needed braces as a kid and never got them, or you’ve developed misaligned teeth as an adult, braces can improve your smile and oral health. They can straighten crooked teeth, align your bite, and make it easier to keep teeth clean. Read More