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About Your First Choice Dental Office in Middleton

At First Choice, the whole family can enjoy gentle dental care from our award-winning dentists!

From the moment you enter our Middleton dental office, you’ll notice our entire staff is dedicated to comfort-conscious care that makes going to the dentist a lot more pleasant. The doctors in our office are consistently ranked among Dane County’s top dentists, and our patients really appreciate their gentle, caring approach. Our Middleton dental office provides general dentistry — plus we have an on-staff orthodontist, and endodontist (root canal specialist), Dr. Rich Beatty.

No lectures! Plus 6 other things you THOUGHT you had to fear at the dentist, but don’t.

If you know someone who has avoided a dental visit, or if you’ve avoided the dentist yourself, you are 100% completely normal. Avoiding the dentist is super common! In fact, roughly half of the US adult population will avoid the dentist this year. And yet studies show that consistent preventive dental health checks are one of the most important things you can do to protect your oral and overall health.

Conscious Sedation provides hope and help for people with overwhelming fear or anxiety of going to the dentist.

Conscious sedation dentistry can help the millions of Americans who suffer from dental anxiety or overwhelming fear of going to the dentist. Just as others suffer from fear of heights, crowds, or open spaces, phobic dental patients' fear is very real. What often results is a long-term avoidance of dental visits, even for basic cleanings, which can lead to more serious dental and health problems or severe mouth pain later in life. This is where conscious sedation dentistry can help.