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Smile-Friendly Summer Snacks

Healthy Snacks for a Healthy Smile Madison DentistNutrition and your healthy smile. The two go hand in hand. From snacking and eating on the go, to making sure kids have access to healthy snacks at home, First Choice Dental wants to help you keep your kids healthy this summer with Healthy Summer Snack Recipes.

By avoiding or minimizing sticky sweets and sugary beverages, you can offer choices and use strategies that not only counteract tooth decay but also promote overall wellness and health! Visit our Orthodontics section for braces-friendly snacks and what to eat or not to eat with braces. All summer long, check here weekly for healthy new summer snack recipes! Check back weekly for healthy new recipes and smile-friendly tips!

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Healthy Nutrition Tips For Your Smile

Your mouth is a mirror to your body. Healthy choices for our mouths are healthy choices for our bodies too.   Protein is an excellent buffer against acid that causes tooth decay, so stocking at home or packing nuts, cheeses and turkey sandwiches is a great way to counteract the not-so-healthy choices kids make. The same is true for fruits and vegetables that have high water content. Apples, pears, and celery are excellent choices to help rinse bacteria from your mouth.

Stock and serve a variety of fruit for a healthy smile.

High in vitamins A and C, they help keep gums and teeth healthy and taste refreshing. Consider orange slices, apples, bananas cut in half or berries and kiwi served in Dixie cups.

Say Cheese!

A perfect choice for healthy teeth, gums and growing bodies.  It contains calcium that preserves and rebuilds tooth enamel and helps produce saliva, which kills bacteria that cause cavities.

Avoid sweets to protect your smile.

It can be tough to pass up the candy at the concession stand so moderation is the key. If you do have a treat, consider a chocolate bar or ice-cream sandwich eaten in one sitting, instead of a pack of sticky candies such as licorice, starbursts, or laffy taffy eaten throughout the day, which create multiple acid attacks on your teeth with every bite.  If possible, stick to popcorn and pretzels, as they are low in fat and not as sticky.

Make water your number-one choice for hydration.

It promotes saliva formation and helps rinse acid and bacteria that form in your mouth. The bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar and produce acid that attacks your teeth and causes decay.

Sip with a straw to protect teeth from sugar.

If your child does choose a sugary beverage such as soda, drinking with a straw helps keep the sugar away from the teeth. Also drink it in one sitting, with a meal.  If you sip a soda all day, bacteria continues to feed on the sugar and promotes tooth decay.  Acid attacks the teeth with every sip of soda or sugary beverage, so follow with plenty of water to rinse your mouth. 

Read labels to make smart choices.

Reconsider your soda, juice and sports drink choices. Most are packed with sugar. Choose natural fruit juices over artificial flavorings or only part-juice options. Again, water is the best choice for hydration.

Chew Away!

Chewing is good for your mouth and your teeth. If you have a sugary snack, combine it with a meal and drink plenty of water.  Chew sugarless gum to promote saliva, which helps rinse the mouth.