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Laser Dentistry Means Fewer Shots & Less Anesthesia For You

The main benefit of Laser Dentistry is the opportunity for no-drill, no-shot appointments. Waterlase(R) is the versatile Laser Dentistry tool that First Choice Dental uses to allow our dentists to cut teeth, bone and gum tissue with less trauma and do procedures that can't be done with traditional tools such as the drill and scalpel. Our Waterlase(R) Laser Dentistry dentist will determine what type of laser dentistry treatment is most appropriate for your needs.

Comfort-Conscious Madison Wi Dentists Deliver Proven Technology, Comfortable Care with Laser Dentistry

Lasers have long been the standard of care in medicine for many surgical and cosmetic procedures such as LASIK, wrinkle removal, hair removal and many others. The Waterlase(R) was approved for hard tissue procedures in 1998 and since has been cleared for numerous additional laser dental procedures. Thousands of dentists around the world have performed millions of procedures with less need for shots, anesthesia, drills and post-op numb lips.

One of the main benefits our Madison Wi Dentists Deliver with Laser Dentistry is Patient Comfort.

Heat, vibration, and pressure are the primary causes of pain associated with the use of the traditional dental drill. Since cutting both hard and soft tissues (teeth and gums) with the Waterlase(R) does not generate heat, vibration or pressure, many dental procedures can be performed with fewer shots, less need for anesthesia, less use of the drill and fewer numb lips! Additionally, using the Waterlase(R) for gum procedures reduces bleeding, post-operative pain, swelling and the need for pain medication in many cases.

One key to Laser Dentistry is early detection.

The earlier we're able to detect tooth decay and cavities, the more likely it is that you'll be a candidate for Laser Dentistry. Early detection also helps prevent the likelihood that you'll need more extensive dental treatment like root canals or even dental implants later on. This is one more reason to keep up on routine dental hygiene visits every six months so that we can detect and diagnose issues early on. If you're overdue for your six-month check-up, you can schedule your visit online today.

Here is a list of Laser Dentistry benefits for patients.

  • Accuracy & Precision Our dentists are able to remove tooth enamel decay (the hardest substance in the body), bone and gum tissue precisely while leaving surrounding areas unaffected. This conserves and allows you to keep more of the healthy tooth structure.
  • Reduced Trauma High-speed dental drills can sometimes cause hairline cracks and fractures in the teeth that eventually lead to future dental problems. Waterlase(R) Laser Dentistry reduces damage to healthy portions of the tooth and minimizes trauma.
  • Improved Cavity Fillings Waterlase(R) cavity preparations can increase bond strength of tooth-colored restoration, resulting in longer lasting fillings.
  • Less Bleeding & Swelling Due to its conservative, gentle cutting action and coagulating capabilities, the Waterlase(R) performs many soft tissue (gum) procedures with little or no bleeding and less post-op swelling.

All First Choice Dental offices offer Laser Dentistry. View our complete list of Locations to find the office nearest to you.