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CEREC™ Dental Crowns

Improve your health and smile with CEREC Dental Crowns

CEREC Dental Crowns are a long-term solution to effectively treat decay, cavities or broken teeth when fillings are no longer viable, or you have gone through root canal therapy. Some patients choose to get CEREC dental crowns to simply improve the look of their natural teeth.

What are CEREC Dental Crowns?

CEREC Crowns are tooth-shaped "caps" that are placed on fractured or broken teeth, teeth with large fillings, or on teeth that have undergone root canal therapy. The purpose of a dental crown is to stabilize and strengthen the existing tooth and/or improve the original tooth's appearance. CEREC dental crowns may also be used as an "anchor" to a bridge that is attached. They can also provide the final component to an implant.

What’s involved in getting a crown on my tooth?

Most dental crowns require two visits or more to your dentist. But at First Choice Dental CEREC dental crowns are done in only one visit! During your appointment, we’ll prepare your tooth and take digital impressions. No more biting down on mouth tray filled with impression material! Your dentist will make your permanent crown in the digital lab then place and fit the crown to make sure it looks and feels as natural — and as comfortable — as your own tooth all in the same day.

Reasons You May Need a CEREC Dental Crown

  • If your tooth is fractured or broken teeth
  • If an old crown or filling has failed
  • If you’ve had root canal therapy
  • Crowns are also a good solution if you have a very large cavity, or would like to improve a tooth’s appearance

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