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Patient Testimonials

"I was very impressed with my first visit as a new patient. Things were explained to me in a way I could understand and all my questions were answered. The technology helped aid my understanding and I have never experienced such a detailed presentation of my situation. Thank you. I will definitely be coming back."

"My dental hygienist always takes the time to provide additional information regarding my concerns. On this last visit she took additional pictures of some teeth I was planning on having work done. She used the pictures to explain what was going on and the possible consequences of not having the recommended procedure done in the near future. It helped me to make my decision easier because I had all the facts."

"My dental hygienist is excellent. She listened to my concerns, made sure I was able to see my usual dentist, and as she completed the cleaning, x-rays, and inspection she was delicate, but thorough. Please pass along my compliments and appreciation."

"My wife told me I would like it here, and I would have to agree with her. You guys are great."

"I have referred 3 or more friends to you that became First Choice patients."

"Dr Conger actually called me to see how I was feeling the night I had my appointment. It made my day. I think that is the first time a dentist has ever called me to see how I was feeling. It just makes me glad that I am coming to a dental office that actually listens and cares for their patients."

"Everyone on your staff is always so friendly and accommodating. I am never worried about my dentist appointments because I am treated so well and everyone is always concerned about my well being. Thank you for taking a sometimes not-so-pleasant experience and making it as great as it can possibly be!"

"I felt I picked up a team vibe [at your dental office], so to speak, where people there treated each other with respect and courtesy. When that is in place, customers tend to come back."

"I actually, for the first time ever, enjoy seeing my hygienist. She's a very nice woman who is very professional and tuned in to me. She does a great job cleaning my teeth and doesn't cause me a bunch of pain in the process."

"The staff seems to realize how much anxiety I feel around the dentist office and they treat me with excellent care."

"Deb, the dental hygienist, was awesome with my daughter. She took the time to make her feel comfortable and at ease. My daughter was not thrilled to be at the dentist, but you wouldn't have known that. I really appreciated the time and care that you took with her."

"You have excellent, competent staff. I am impressed that you have made time to get at my crowns on short notice on the same day I came in for another appointment, saving me a lot of time. You have done this for me twice now and I appreciate it more than you know. Thank you!"

"I felt that the hygienist did an excellent job in letting me know exactly what she was doing and seeing, and letting me know what the probability was of further treatment. I felt very comfortable and very well informed."