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Do you accept my dental insurance?

The answer is, more than likely, “Yes!” Our goal is to make your visit to the dentist, orthodontist or specialist as affordable and accessible as possible and we are ready to answer any dental insurance questions you may have.

We accept most common dental insurance. Below are our accepted insurance, in-network providers:

  • Ameritas
  • Anthem
  • The Alliance (for medical procedures related to oral health)
  • Careington Platinum Network
  • Cigna Radius Network
  • Delta Dental (premier providers)
  • Dental Health Alliance (includes Assurant PPO & Aetna PPO plans)
  • Guardian DentalGuard PPO
  • Humana
  • MetLife
  • Principal
  • United Healthcare (also known as UHC)

Payment Options

We offer three convenient payment options for dental services not covered by dental insurance benefits. Feel free to give us a call to discuss which of these options will work best for you:

Pay as you go

Payment in full

Payment plans

with cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) for dental services provided on the day of your cash or check at the time of treatment for your entire treatment plan; this earns you a 5% discount.with NO interest, or extended payment (up to 48 months), can be applied for to pay off your dental care. Available through Care Credit or Wells Fargo.


Dentist & Orthodontist Madison WI Insurance

To help you plan for the cost of dental services, we thoroughly explain all dental procedures and associated fees before we begin treatment. We’re committed to answering your dental insurance questions well before any services begin and are committed to making clear financial arrangements with patients. There are no surprises.

My dental insurance isn’t on the list. Can I still see you?

Yes, you can still utilize our comfort-conscious services. In fact, many dental plans allow you to seek dental care out-of-network. In addition, many dental insurance providers don’t reduce your benefit level for doing so. Our staff can advise you about your dental benefit plan and your ability to seek out-of-network dental care. Contact any of our First Choice Dental locations for information specific to your dental plan.

Local Madison Dentist Dental Insurance

How We Simplify the Insurance Aspect of Your Dental Visit

Some providers require you to submit dental insurance claims on your own after you’ve paid the full amount for services provided on the day of your visit. The goal of our dental office is to make the process more simple, and cost-effective, for you. We collect only those amounts that will likely NOT be covered by your dental benefits, and we submit claims directly to your dental insurance.

Madison Dentist Insurance Team

Here’s what you need to know to help the dental benefit aspect of your visit go smoothly:

    •    When you visit your dentist, please provide our staff with up-to-date, accurate insurance billing information.
    •    Our administrative staff will research dental insurance benefits and estimate coverage based on our insurance expertise. We do not guarantee our benefit estimates to be correct and are not responsible for benefits that are not paid exactly as estimated.
    •    Please be prepared to pay any deductibles or estimated co-payments the day you visit your dentist. We also require any day-of payments via cash, check or credit card for charges not covered by your dental benefit plan.
    •    Our office will submit a claim to an insurance company up to two times per appointment for the purpose of obtaining payment. We ask that you handle subsequent appeals, if necessary.
    •    Dental insurance benefits are a contract between you and your employer. The coverage you will receive depends upon the quality of the plan purchased by your employer, not the fees of the doctor. You are financially responsible for all services provided at First Choice Dental. Any benefit not paid as estimated is your responsibility.
    •    Balances after dental benefit payments, which are less than $5, will be collected on your next visit to our practice. A statement for balances more than $5 will be mailed to your account address and are due within 30 days of billing.

    Have more dental insurance questions? We can help …
    If you have additional dental insurance questions about your coverage, feel free to contact your local First Choice Dental office. We’re always happy to help in any way we can!