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Dental X-rays FAQ

How does First Choice Dental approach the use of dental X-rays with due caution in caring for patients?

We always balance the need for X-rays with patient safety needs, with the ultimate goal being better health for the patient. We carefully consider patient safety together with patient benefit, as with any technology for patient care.

If X-rays come with risks, why have dental X-rays taken at all?

When First Choice Dental care providers take an X-ray, it's because there's a health benefit we can't provide without it. Dental X-rays enable us to diagnose dental health issues that need attention. Left unattended, these dental health issues could cause bigger health problems that far outweigh potential exposure to the relatively low amount of radiation from our digital X-ray technology.

What safety precautions does First Choice Dental take for dental X-rays?

  1. Currently, for superior patient care and safety, we use digital X-ray technology in nearly all cases and wherever possible, which is better and safer than high-speed film.
  2. To provide for optimum patient safety, First Choice Dental has all X-ray units tested on a regular basis to ensure that we adhere to industry safety standards.
  3. We follow American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines for X-rays.
  4. For additional patient safety and to avoid undue expense and time, we make every effort to utilize existing X-rays when they're current and accurate. For instance, since we share digital files across all our offices and between dental and specialties like orthodontics, we can frequently use an X-ray that's been taken for another purpose and avoid the patient having to have another X-ray taken. This is one of the conveniences and efficiencies of having dental and orthodontics, endodontics and periodontics under one roof.

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