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Waunakee Testimonials

"Fast, friendly, and felt at home with them- very helpful!"- Waunakee Patient

"Very professional and friendly. Top-rate service!"- Waunakee Patient

"The staff were very friendly and patient with my 8 year old and were very knowledgeable and helpful in regards to future treatment."- Waunakee Patient

"My daughter was experiencing extreme mouth pain for a few days but our dentist could not see anything wrong in her mouth with an x-ray. They suggested we see Dr. Lee but he was scheduled to be out of the office that afternoon. A sweet woman at the Verona office called over to Waunakee, and Dr. Lee agreed to stay for a consult. After seeing the amount of pain she was in and determining that she would need a root canal, he agreed to stay and do the procedure as well. Awesome!! Thanks First Choice Dental and Thanks Dr. Lee for going out of your way for us!"- Waunkee Patient