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About Your First Choice Dental Office in Madison on Regent Street

At First Choice, the whole family can enjoy gentle dental care from our award-winning dentists!

Dr. Joe Sharkus Local Dentist Madison WIOur Regent Street dental and orthodontic office has been providing comfort-conscious care to thousands of Madisonians for years. Our award-winning dentists simply love helping adults, teens and kids sustain — and improve — their dental wellness. They’re also famous for making their patients feel at ease, and even look a little forward to going to the dentist!

Services include general dentistry, family dentistry, laser dentistry, periodontal wellness, early detection and preventative care — plus we have an on-staff orthodontist who’s dedicated to giving her patients beautiful, healthy and confident smiles.

Where We’re Located

Located at 1050 Regent St., we’re near the heart of Madison and the UW campus — just down the street from Camp Randall, and right across from Meriter Hospital. Easy to get to by car, bike, bus or on foot, we’re the local Madison dentist that’s right in your neighborhood.

Why choose a dentist at our Regent Street office?

In addition to providing outstanding care, our Madison dental team on Regent Street is known for being gentle, conscientious, and offering an abundance of sincere smiles. Whether you’re a UW student looking for a local dentist in Madison, a busy parent looking for dental care for the whole family, or you simply work downtown, our Regent Street dental office is ready to take good care of you from the moment you walk through the door.

Every dentist, dental assistant and hygienist in our office is dedicated to providing comfort-conscious care every step of the way. This is true whether you need a cleaning, filling, orthodontic care, root canal or oral surgery.

In addition to focusing on physical comfort, our comfort-conscious philosophy extends into making sure our patients are emotionally comfortable, as well. That’s why our dentists have gone to great lengths to ensure that even the most phobic of dental patients can put their minds at ease with our comfort-conscious technologies and techniques — which takes the fear out of visiting the dentist, making their experience anxiety-free! One of the technologies we utilize is laser dentistry, which makes it possible to have no-shot, no-drill appointments, while your dentist focuses on preventative care to avoid problems down the road.

Patients that have experienced dental fear for years tell us all the time that they, “no longer fear going to the dentist.” That’s what we love to hear!

We offer general and family dentistry, as well as an orthodontist right on site, for easy appointments — all in one trip. In addition, our Park Street office is right around the corner, so if your dentist suggests you work with an oral surgeon, endodontist or periodontist, it’s an easy visit just down the road. No need to search all over town when you need a dentist or a specialist. At First Choice Dental, our goal is to make maintaining your dental wellness as easy as possible, which includes convenient locations in addition to outstanding care once you arrive.

Does your Madison office on Regent Street take my dental insurance?

Most likely, yes! Our dentists accept most dental insurances. Please check out our Dental Insurance page, or simply give us a call at (608) 256-0671 for more information, or to set up an appointment.

Get the care you need without fear, with the gentle touch of our Madison dentists.

Dentist Madison WI Joe SharkusDr. Joe Sharkus
Our lead dentist, Dr. Joe Sharkus, has consistently made Madison's list of top dentists. Dr. Sharkus is very experienced and has been caring for Madison area patients for years. He is a member of the First Choice Dental board of directors, and is loved by patients of all ages for his gentle approach and dry wit, which makes a visit to the dentist comfortable and even enjoyable.

Orthodontist Madison WI Dr. Sarah SantosDr. Santos-Rangsuebsin
Caring for orthodontic patients at our Verona, Sun Prairie and Regent Street dental offices, Dr. Santos-Rangsuebsin has been voted by her industry peers as one of the Best Orthodontists in Madison in 2007, 2009, 2011 and again in 2013 (results compiled and published every other year by Madison Magazine). Dr. Santos believes being an orthodontist is the best job in the world, and is grateful to be able to give her patients beautiful, healthy and confident smiles.

Click here to read recent patient reviews for Dr. Sharkus or Dr. Santos-Rangsuebin.

Have questions, or need an appointment?
Please contact First Choice Dental at (608) 256-0671. You can also schedule an appointment online with one of our dentists, hygienists or the orthodontist at our Regent Street dental office.

Want to meet our team before making your dental appointment? We’re happy to schedule a complimentary consultation for you to do exactly that. We want to make sure you’re completely comfortable with your dentist and the First Choice staff that will be in charge of your dental wellness.

Thank you for visiting First Choice Dental! We look forward to seeing you soon!