Madison Dentist Phone
First Choice Dental


Business Office

440 Science Drive
Suite 100
Madison, WI  53711
(608) 308-2950

Business Team:

Kevin Klagos
Chief Operating Officer

William Graf
Director of Corporate Development

Erin Pinnow
Senior Director, Human Resources & Operations

Danielle Turner
Training & Development Manager

De Anna Hart-Lind
Patient Experience Manager

Joan Stazy
Clinical Operations Manager

Casey Salverson
Information Technology Manager

Eric Van Handel
IT Help Desk Analyst

Jennifer Spink
Accounting Manager

Sarah LaBerge
Accounts Payable Specialist

Kristin Ryan
Purchasing & Facility Manager

Jodi Klagos
Insurance Manager

Leslie Hulick
Manager of Business Services

Carol Welton, Amanda Brownell and Alisha Thome
Insurance Specialists

Chelsey Olson and Cathryn Stodola 
Billing Specialists

Tannah Flora
Human Resources and Marketing Coordinator

First Choice Dental Board of Directors

Dr. Rob Bradley
Dr. Brian Fick
Dr. William Graf
Dr. Chris Haag
Dr. Dave Penwell
Dr. Joe Sharkus