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Healthy Summer Snack Recipes

10 Simple Smile-Friendly Snack Ideas on the Go

Healthy Summer SnackingHere are 10 simple summer snacks that are healthy for smiles and bodies.
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  1. Tortilla roll ups: Spread almond, peanut or sesame butter on a tortilla, roll and go. You can even sprinkle in sunflower seeds, apple chunks or raisins for an extra special bite!
  2. Veggie sticks & dip: What makes it quick and simple is advanced prep, with a container ready to go with carrot and celery sticks, cucumber slices and smaller containers of dip ready to grab and go.
  3. Fruit & yogurt dip: Make it an easy choice for hungry kids with small containers of yogurt to dip ready to go in the fridge, and snack-sized bags with slices of apple, pear, orange, banana and other fruit "chips"
  4. Cheese chunks or sticks: Calcium-rich cheese in on-the-go packages makes this a great snack idea
  5. Homemade snack mix: Store-bought options come with big salt-content and big prices. Make your own and control what goes into the mix, with healthy whole grain cereal, dried fruit, nuts, pretzel sticks or your favorite low-sugar, wholegrain granola. Mix a batch ahead of time and have it ready in small snack-size bags in your cupboard, so little hands reaching for snacks find healthy options.
  6. Smoothies: Filling, healthy and great-tasting fruit smoothies are easy to make by mixing 1 part yogurt and 1 part chopped fruit, with just enough milk, dairy-free milk or fruit juice to achieve desired thickness.
  7. Mini meals: Let leftovers be your inspiration and just scale down portions to avoid ruining little appetites. Healthy snacks can be a cup of tomato soup with a sprinkle of cheese on top, a taco from last night's supper or the last slice of veggie pizza.
  8. Package it pretty: Ordinary becomes extraordinary when it's presented creatively. A tortilla becomes a funny face with cheese sprinkles for hair, cherry tomato eyes, a cucumber slice mouth and bell pepper strip eyebrows. Peanut butter on celery sticks dotted with raisins becomes ants on a log. Creative presentation of healthy options is everything.
  9. Fruit cups: Watch for options packaged in fruit juice, not sugary syrup and without added sugar, but these pre-packaged options are better than many other pre-packaged snack options.
  10. Nature's prepackaged snack: Fresh fruit, straight from a bowl on the counter is the perfect on-the-go snack. No advanced prep needed!