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Dr. Brian Fick

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Dr. Fick is a Madison dentist caring for patients at our Park Street office. He practices general dentistry and also has advanced training in treating TMJ Disorders.

Dr. Fick set out with the original goal of attending medical school to become a psychiatrist. Though he knew he wanted to be a health care provider, it didn't take him long to figure it out: he needed to do something more hands-on and artistic. He found the perfect match to be dentistry and in 1993 graduated from the University of Iowa Dental School.

Dr. Fick believes that smile design relies heavily on artistic expression and design proportion rules. He also knows the importance of staying on the cutting edge of dentistry, regularly attending continuing education forums at the Las Vegas Institute, the premier post-graduate institute for advanced dental studies. Dr. Fick has also completed advanced training in Endodontics, Laser Dentistry and Bonding technologies.

An increasingly proficient Spanish-language speaker, Dr. Fick enjoys speaking Spanish with his patients at the Park Street office and providing needed dental care to residents of central and south America on numerous medical missions trips.

Dr. Fick enjoys his free time with his wife and two daughters, cooking, downhill skiing and honing his collection of rock and jazz.

TMJ Disorders Advanced Training

OcclusionConnections LogoDr. Brian Fick has completed advanced training with Dr. Clayton Chan, the pre-eminent authority on TMD/TMJ-related health issues and the founder of Occlusion Connections. This unique training organization is a leading post-graduate teaching program that provides dentists like Dr. Fick with up-to-date hands-on training in dental occlusion using a unique blend of both classical gnathologics as well as neuromuscular dental concepts to enhance the clinician’s diagnostic awareness and clinical understanding in this field. In the end, patients benefit from more effective treatment and greater relief from symptoms associated with TMJ Disorders.