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Children Ages 4 - 7

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During ages 4-7 a lot will happen to a little one’s smile, a kid’s dentist plays a key role in their health at this stage. They'll probably lose many of their baby teeth and begin to have permanent teeth. They'll start school and have a whole new routine, and they'll begin to take over the responsibility for brushing and flossing on their own. At First Choice Dental our children’ dentists will help instill the importance of healthy oral hygiene in your children.

•    Children’s Dentists focus on preventative care
•    Children’s Dentists treat the unique problems that kids face
•    Children’s Dentists create a fun, kid-friendly environment

The information below will help you and your child along the way with the development of good dental care habits at home, as well as provide you with some key things to watch for at this stage of your child's smile. Kids’ dentists take extra time and care to communicate with the little ones who have such BIG smiles!

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