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December 2012

Sedation Dentistry | A Farmer's Story

This is the story of Bob Hoffman, a Verona, WI area dairy farmer who through sedation dentistry completely changed his perception of going to the dentist - after years of neglect and dentist anxiety. Having waited long enough, his decision to seek a dentist who practiced sedation dentistry led him to First Choice Dental and Dr. David Penwell, DDS. Learn more about First Choice Dental's Sedation Dentistry Care.

From Painful to Pain-Free | Kristine's TMJ Story

As a busy elementary school teacher, wife and mother of two, Kristine suffered from severe migraines multiple times each week. She tried a range of treatments with limited success before discovering that TMJ/Headache Therapy with the help of neuromuscular dentistry expert Dr. Gary Conger at First Choice Dental brought virtually immediate relief. Learn more about First Choice Dental's TMJ/Headache Therapy alternatives.

Comfort For Your Family

From reluctant and rare visitor as a young adult, to happy and comfortable First Choice Dental patient now, Kevin and his wife Paula describe how COMFORT is a word they've come to associate with trips to the dentist for their family. With three boys at home, complete peace is rare if not impossible, but we can at least keep you smiling!