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December 2010

First Choice Dental Group Fact Sheet

First Choice Dental FACT SHEET

About First Choice Dental Group
First Choice Dental Group (FCDG) has a strong commitment to lifetime treatment planning and total comfort dental care. The dental professionals on the First Choice Dental Group team have been making patients smile for more than 30 years. Our Madison dentists include family dentists, cosmetic dentists, sedation dentists, dental hygienists as well as dental specialists like Madison endodontists and orthodontists.

Can the health of my smile affect my overall health?

Absolutely! Your mouth is a window to your body's health and your family dental center can do a whole lot more than simply keep your teeth clean. Oral health and overall health are more connected than you might realize. Sometimes the first sign of disease shows up in your mouth. In other cases, infections in your mouth, such as gum disease, can cause problems in other areas of your body. Research shows and experts agree that there is an association between periodontal disease and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease and other illnesses.