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Our state-of-the-art dental technology allows us to offer our patients services that are faster, better and less intrusive than most people might imagine. The latest computer technology is maximized for treatment as well as patient comfort.

Among the services we offer are:

Digital Radiology: Instant images can each be used to examine teeth for cavities and/or decay. Programmed for magnification, colorization, and measurement to give you the highest level of accuracy. Reduces radiation exposure by more than 90%.

Panoramic Digital Film Technology: For comprehensive diagnosis and less radiation, the panoramic machine takes an x-ray of your facial aspects, including the TMJ joints and sinus area, in one picture. A panoramic x-ray film is a diagnostic image that shows all of the jawbones and teeth and is typically utilized in oral surgery such as wisdom tooth extractions, implant surgeries and jaw fractures as well as in orthodontics.

Intra-oral Camera

Intra-oral cameras: The intra-oral camera is a small wand with a miniature video camera that is inserted into the patient's mouth, where it transmits a signal to a television monitor next to the dental chair. This miniaturized camera allows patients to view the inside of their own mouths live. An intraoral camera allows us to view clear, precise images of patient's mouths, teeth and gums, in order for us to accurately make a diagnosis. With clear, defined, enlarged images, you see details that may be missed by standard mirror examinations. This can mean faster diagnosis with less chair-time for you! The dentist can use the image to explain a condition or procedure to the patient, or store it on the computer to track a particular condition over time.

In-office Whitening: The most revolutionary technique in teeth whitening combining a whitening gel activated by a specially designed and patented blue plasma arc light. Your teeth can be up to nine shades whiter in less than 2 hours.

DIAGNOdent: This safe and pain free laser light machine detects decay as it appears beneath the surface (from the inside out). DIAGNOdent allows us to locate hidden decay, and with treatment stop the spread of disease before it destroys the tooth from within. A number scale and an alarm signal the doctor when there are signs of hidden decay.

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry: Some people avoid dental treatment because of bad experiences they had in the past. An unpleasant incident can sometimes make a person stay away from dental care for many years. Over time and without care, teeth can break, become decayed and infected. Gum disease can erode bone in the jaw that supports the teeth, making them loose. Those who have not been to the dentist for a long time may not realize that, a trip to the dentist today is far better than it used to be.

First Choice and our patients both benefit from new technology aimed at making treatment more tolerable, better looking and longer lasting. In an effort to reduce discomfort during dental procedures, we can use either air abrasion or a dental laser. These modern devices enable us to treat many cavities without a needle or a dental drill. We can also treat the gums and do other more advanced procedures with less discomfort during and after the treatment.

Patient comfort: All rooms are equipped with television monitors and stereo surround sound, as well as little cozy comforts, like blankets to make you comfortable during your visit.